sábado, 20 de abril de 2013

Yesterday we went to Marbella to present our works of HRC and we presented all of them very well, also we ate some "nachos" and drank some Cokes, we were walking a lot of time through a "paseo "marítimo" we saw a lot of elegant restaurants  , we walked a lot and then we went in a shoping center in which we ate in McDonald's,in the mall there were a lot of interesting shops, therewere a bowling center and then we took the bus to Motril. 
Here is the link of my partner in the HRC, she had uploaded the presentation and also you can see it, http://martajuarez97.blogspot.com.es/

lunes, 1 de abril de 2013

Explaining entry

I didn't write nothing in a lot of time in the blog it's because we are in other page call Edmodo and we are doing in this page the activities that our teacher sent to us, but I'm going to upload the activities in a other entry to this blog to make you easy to see my proyect.
First of April is the April's Fool in other places and we had done and exercise to adivinate which texts are true and which are falses.

martes, 6 de noviembre de 2012

viernes, 2 de noviembre de 2012

  What to read?  
Underwater Adventure

Why I choose this book: I choose this book because I thougth that could be interesting 
Chatacters: Dr Blake, Jonh, Hal, Roger, Ike, Omo and Shink.
Underwater Adventure
This book is about a group of friends that want to do a course of diving (Hal and Roger), Ike, the captain of the boat call a friend, his name is  Shink, this person is terrible.
In one of the expeditions the divers (Hal, Roger, Blake and Shink) go to take some photos of the bottom of the sea, in the middle of this expedition one shark appears, Roger don’t see the shark and Blake say to Shink that advice the diver about the shark but Shink go up to save himself.
Finally the diver don’t die, when all the people are in the boat the captain start to hit Shink.
In the next expedition the found a lot of treasures and Shink kill one of the divers to take all the treasures for himself, when they arrived to the coast there was a typhoon.
 All the divers were saved by an helicopter and Shinks escape with the treasure in a submarine.
My opinión: This book isn’t very interest, but had a bit of intrigue. I recommend this book to my friends but I don’t say that this book is amazing.

sábado, 20 de octubre de 2012


A few days ago, the mother of a friend comes to the school, her name was Laura, in that lesson we practise what a translator does, and Laura tell us about her life, where she live, where did she worked...etc.
She tell us that she was borned in Exceter, England, Exceter is a old village with a lot of constructions, shops...etc.
She has lived in a lot of towns, she left the institute at she was 16 and she studied Spanish.
She had a ship when she was little and her father tached she who to sail, she start to sailed when she was 13. 
She had live in a lot of different cities.
She loves travell, she's favourite food is the paella (Spanish) and the fish and ships (British).
She talks French, The dogs that she has are street.
She ike reading and the gardening, the first place in Spain that she lived is in Mallorca.
She prefers Spain because the wheater is better, is more cheaper...etc.
She loves the dog, she has six dogs in her house, her hobbies are reading books and the gardening.
Apart of the english she talks French.
She lived in a cortige with a big garden.

miércoles, 10 de octubre de 2012

Wellcoming letter

                                                    Welcoming letter

Hi, mi name is Juan Antonio, I'm 15 years old, I have
1 little brother his name is Pablo, he is 9 years old, I hear all types of music, my favourite food is pizza.
I like reading, playing football, basket, tennis, paddel, swimming, waterpolo, watching the TV. 
I'm a fanatic of the Real Madrid and the Granada F.C , my favourite restaurants are Burger King, Mc Donalds and "El Ancla" in Carchuna.
My family has four members: my mother is a teacher in the school where my brother is, my father works in Torraspapel, well I tell you all about my. Bye!